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07:30 - Group gathering
08:00 - Departure from Kyiv
10:00 - Arrival at Checkpoint Dityatki. And further according to the route:
Entry into the 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Checkpoint «Lelev».
Entry into the 10-kilometer exclusion zone stele «Pripyat» at the entrance to the city.

Pripyat is the city, which abandoned by residents for more than a quarter of a century ago Guest do not visit buildings inside for security reasons: Ferris wheel; kindergarten and school, city swimming pool in Pripyat, stadium, cinema "Prometheus", pier with a flooded dock, police building with a remand center; building of the City Executive Committee - the first accident elimination headquarters; hotel "Polissya"; Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: a memorial at the administrative building, Sarcophagus - observation deck, detour around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant territory; the secret object Chernobyl-2, the giant Radar Antennas «ARC-1», Chernobyl-2 is the secret town, which provided the work of antennas to monitor the horizon for launching ballistic missiles.

Lunch (dinner) in the canteen in Chernobyl (at will, for an additional fee - 280 UAH / person).
Chernobyl: walking tour; city overview and the exhibitions of machinery and robots.
19:00 - 20:00 Estimated time of arrival to Kyiv

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HIGHLIGHTS: Kyiv city, Chernobyl, Pripyat
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