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Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has some minor elements of various European cuisines in the area, but the most important is the Old-Slavic influence. One of the most known dishes is borshch, a vegetable soup made out of beets, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill. There are about 30 varieties of Ukrainian borshch and it may include meat or fish.
Recommended restaurants in Kyiv:
- Pervak
- Ostannya Barikada
- Hutorets on the Dnieper
- Tsarske Selo
- Opanas


European Cuisine

European cuisine (also called "Western cuisine") is related to the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries that have common characteristics that distinguishes Western cooking from cuisines of Asian countries and others.

Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, meat is more prominent and substantial in serving-size, wheat-flour bread has been the most common sources of starch in this cuisine, pasta, dumplings and pastries are very common, along with the potato which has become a major plant in the diet of Europeans.


Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines such as East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern/Western Asian. Ingredients including rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, dried onions, soy, and tofu are very common to many cultures in the East and Southeast regions of the continent, while rice is common to most Asian cuisines.
Recommended restourants in Kyiv:
- Du Long
- Silk Road


Odesa Сuisine

Odesa cuisine was formed under the influence of Ukrainian, Russian, largely Jewish, Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek, Bulgarian, Moldavian and Greek cuisines, however, some dishes are distinguished by their originality.
The coastal location of Odesa determines a large number of fish and seafood dishes in Odesa cuisine.

The most popular dish is stuffed fish (gefilte fish), which is prepared for the holidays from several types of fish (mainly pike, mullet or pilengas, carp and pike perch). Fried fish is also popular. Preference is given to the Black Sea flounder and gobies. Of small fish of the herring family, mainly tyulka (less often hamsa and sausages) are fried meatballs.

Among the popular Odesa dishes that are prepared using seafood, pilaf with mussels can be distinguished. Mussels are also often fried directly on the place of catch on large sheets of iron.


Hutsul Cuisine

National cuisine is an integral part of the culture of any ethnic group, formed over centuries under the influence of the nature of the area and living conditions.
It is believed that mountaineers live longer, not only due to favorable environmental conditions, but also a healthy diet with natural products.
The basic diet of Hutsuls consists of cereals, vegetables, legumes, dairy and sour-milk products. For a long time, daily bread in the mountains served as cake (buryshnyk), mainly from corn flour, often with boiled potatoes added to the dough.
In modern nutrition, the preparation of such cakes has been reduced. Cereals and flour dishes are very popular in the Hutsul region: thick, uniform porridge from cornflour (kulesha), dumplings ("pies") from various flour with cottage cheese and feta cheese, potatoes and cabbage, "grated dances" (potato pancakes"deruny"), dumplings, etc.