Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and the main administrative, scientific and cultural center of the country. In the city, you’ll find a lot of places where you can purchase some souvenirs about Ukraine. Of the popular souvenirs, which at the same time are quite practical - dishes and embroidered shirts. You can start at the shopping center "Globus" and "TSUM“ at the main street of country, where you will be amazed by the souvenir market with national tourism brand “Ukraine – it's all about u”, Ukrainian brands “Made in Ukraine”, Roshen sweets shop at the downtown.
Ukrainian cuisine is characterized by frequent use of eggs, flour, and vegetables. The most popular vegetables are beets, legumes, carrots, pumpkins, corn, and tomatoes. From the spices and seasonings, the popular recipes of the Ukrainian cuisine are actively using garlic, onions, cumin, mint, angelica, red pepper, savory, cinnamon and bay leaves. All these products you can buy in the central market. The Bessarabian market is considered the central market of Kyiv.
Additionally, you can visit “UA made” showroom, where you can buy clothes and products from Ukrainian production.
Also known the place of distribution of Ukrainian products is Courage Bazaar. There are a variety of events, charity auctions, buying and selling various design products.
Good places for shopping are “Gulliver”, “Dream Town” commercial centers and “Ukraine” shopping center.