Driving a car is an experience that most of us take for granted, but sitting behind the wheel of a real military vehicle is an adventure of a different order of magnitude! Come and experience the strength and power of these warhorses, and experience your surroundings through the eyes of an on-duty tank driver. PanUkraine offers you a customized excursion, which is one of a kind in Ukraine. You will learn all the safety precautions and driving techniques from an experienced instructor stationed at a special military base, and after the training you will have your chance to maneuver the vehicle off-track through a practice field.


Appeared in USSR in the 80s, this armored transportation vehicle continues to be produced, with some modifications, and is still used by armies today. It is a durable, spacious vehicle, with a 260 horse-power engine and the maximum driving speed of 90 km/h. It’s capable of easily driving over ditches of up to two meters deep, and obstacles of up to 50 centimeters tall. In addition to that it’s amphibious and is capable of traversing rivers and small lakes with the maximum speed of 10km/h. The crew consists of three members and up to seven passengers inside the vehicle, with as many as can fit riding on the roof. Today this model is used by the armed forces of 26 countries.


Try out the power of real firearms and practice shooting under the guidance of an experienced instructor at a professional gun range in Kyiv! Our tour feature the most popular and interesting weapons, ranging from the legendary АК-47 to the Glock 17 pistol and high-power sniper rifles. Huge amout of variations of guns to try will totally make your day!