There is a place in Kyiv, where every Ukrainian will hear the call of his ancestors - the glorious Cossacks, and the guest will plunge into the colorful Ukrainian life of the 17-18 centuries, feel the homeliness of the old days and the proud spirit of the
Mamaeva Sloboda – is a museum of Ukrainian architecture and life, which is located near the city center. On its territory (it is quite large - 9.2 hectares) there are about 100 objects that reproduce the real Cossack settlements of that time.
Everything in this beautiful place was recreated following the old times, and all the construction technologies of that
time were observed. Huts, taverns, smithy, church, all exactly as before. Here you find yourself in a real Cossack settlement, and you can not only enjoy the views, but also touch everything, and in the center, the market square, where interesting events are held every day, and colorful Ukrainian souvenirs are sold. Many services are provided by Mamaeva Sloboda herself: master classes of pottery, blacksmithing, horse riding, excursion services, celebrations, as well as you can order a banquet, a wedding and even get married in the current church of the Most Holy Theotokos.
Now Mamaev Sloboda is a popular holiday destination in Kyiv, the purpose of which is to strengthen the memory of the descendants of Ukrainian traditions and recreate ancient rituals. During religious and national holidays, there are folk festivals, saturated with folk flavor. There are general and thematic tours in different languages, during which you can dress up in Ukrainian costumes, shoot a Cossack cannon, get different master classes, ride a horse and much more.