This dish is known far beyond the boundaries of Kyiv, but still is a culinary business card of this city. Visiting tourists must order cutlets in Kyiv, arriving in the capital of Ukraine. And earlier, the point - to try a chicken Kyiv - even stood in the mandatory travel programs, along with visiting museums and sightseeing.

There are many versions of the origin of this dish. According to one of them, it was Kyiv restaurateur who first decorated a chicken meatball with a bone, and butter was used as a filling. Everyone liked the new dish so much that rumors of Kyiv cutlets spread around the world.

The French, however, are pulling at themselves, believing that this dish was invented and brought to life by French cook Nicolas Appert, and the name Kyiv was entrenched for meatballs after World War II when they again became popular in the city. French cutlets still exist: if the chicken filling is filled with butter, then it is Kyiv-style cutlet if butter is replaced with sauce or without it, it is the French version.

What is the chicken Kyiv differs from other similar recipes of meatballs? And the fact that this cutlet is prepared not from minced meat, but a chop fillet. Cold butter is wrapped in it, and in the process of cooking chicken, fillet remains juicy and creamy in taste. Some chefs add cheese, mushrooms, herbs and other seasonings to the filling. Chicken Kyiv has the shape of an ellipse, it is breaded in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. At one end of the chicken, Kyiv is secured chicken bone.