Ukraine is in the honorable list of countries of the world where are rich deposits of amber and it is mined. It is the second in the world for the amber deposits. The beauty and health that the solar stone carries with it have been appreciated by mankind since ancient times. Even then, when amber was considered a sunbeam frozen in the sea. At its core, amber is a petrified coniferous resin. As it was just not called for the history of mankind: the tears of birds and the tears of the sea, the gift of the sun, the electron and even a robber. It is a pity that Ukrainian amber not only admires with its beauty but also attracts too much with natural accessibility and value. After all, we are talking about the gemstone.

Pictures, jewelry is made from amber. They are decorated with toys and household items (for example, fantastically shining table lamps), as well as stationery and souvenirs. Valuable elements are also used in the sacral sphere - in the manufacture of icons and the decoration of religious objects.

Known and important in the world is the use of amber in medical procedures. Some therapists, for example, use amber massage mats for the feet, and general recovery - amber spa treatments, infrared saunas, etc.