The grand Cathedral of St. Sophia the Wisdom of God has already been located in the historical center of ancient Kyiv for one thousand years. It is the most ancient Christian church that is fully preserved in the East Slavic area. Being born in the era of Christianization of Rus’ it became the cradle of Kyivan Christianity, statehood and culture, development of which was carried out under the sign of Sophia the Wisdom, which patrons the world.
St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv is a symbolic monument. It has come to our time from the heroic epic times of Kyivan Rus’, the day of Volodymyr the Great and Yaroslav the Wise.
St. Sophia Cathedral is the best proof of its high historical and spiritual mission. It preserves the excellent ancient architecture and the most complete in the world ensemble of original mosaics and frescoes of the 11th century – 260 square meters of mosaics and 3000 square meters of frescoes. They are true masterpieces of world art. The greatness and the unique beauty of St. Sophia in Kyiv made it a glory of the true wonder of the world.