Making of the Ukrainian Nation Museum

The Making of the Ukrainian Nation Museum is the first innovative museum of history in Ukraine, where the past is combined with modern technologies.

The history of our country has been continually revised and falsified, but now we have the opportunity to objectively recreate the true history of Ukraine and its role in shaping the European community, to show the vivid historical events and figures that our people can be proud of.

We have created  the state-of-the-art museum in which the glorious pages of our history come to life.  Within 1,5-2 hours you will be able to get acquainted with the centuries-old history of the Ukrainian nation. You will see 25 exhibits featuring historic scenes with absolutely realistic 3-D figures of national heroes — kings, hetmans, military leaders, scholars, artists and sportsmen.

All exhibits are based on historical research and have scientific grounding. A large team of scientists and experts collaborated with us: historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, sculptors, designers.

At the heart of the museum are historical facts aimed at awakening the national consciousness of Ukrainians, raising the nation's self-esteem, feeling of dignity and patriotism.

The Making of the Ukrainian Nation Museum is a museum of the future. The future in the making.