Dumplings - Slavic dish, most common in Ukrainian cuisine, in the form of boiled unleavened dough with filling. It has long been in Ukraine hostess cooked dumplings with a variety of fillings. Stuffing for Ukrainian dumplings could be lean depending on the religious calendar. For the preparation of fillings used cottage cheese, stewed cabbage, boiled crushed potatoes; poppy, viburnum, cherries and other berries; apples, boiled and ground dried fruits, boiled beans, pea puree, millet or buckwheat porridge and even flour. Served hot with sour cream and/or butter. Dumplings with potatoes can be served with fried onions and vegetable oil. Dumplings can be considered traditional, and perhaps even a cult dish of Ukrainian cuisine.

Chinese dishes such as baozi and jiaozi are similar to dumplings. Dumplings met infrequently in the daily menu of the Ukrainian peasant, they were the decoration of the Sunday and festive table. Dumplings were also served at ceremonial meals - at weddings, christenings, funerals, during feasts dedicated to temple festivals. Dumplings with cottage cheese, smeared with sour cream, were a must-have dish on Pancake week along with pancakes.

With cheese, meat, potatoes, and cherries, made from wheat flour and buckwheat, steamed or in boiling water. Dozens of species and millions of fans. In Ukraine, there was even a championship in speed eating of dumplings! Since March 2006, championship qualifying rounds have been held in 12 regions of Ukraine. The finalists of these tours gathered in Kyiv by August 24 to take part in the competition and determine the best. At the celebrations in honor of Independence Day in the main square of the country, they demonstrated their ability to eat well. The winner was a 25-year-old resident of Lviv region. He managed to eat 100 dumplings with potatoes in 5 minutes 22 seconds!