This is a famous dish all over the world. Most of all, he is loved and appreciated, of course, in Slavic countries, but Europe also loves this unpretentious Ukrainian dish. Potato pancakes (Deruny) are cooked the same on almost the entire territory of Ukraine. The Ukrainian classics also gave their respects to this dish, describing the Potato pancakes (Deruny) in their works.

Traditionally, potato pancakes (Deruny) are the second course and are served solo without a side dish, most often for lunch with sour cream. But in the same way, you can have a breakfast potato, because they are not a technologically complex dish, so even those people who have nothing to do with cooking can easily prepare it.
They say that the potato pancakes(Deruny) come from Belarus. But the essential difference between Ukrainian and Belarusian potato pancakes (Deruny) is that they add meat to the Belarusian ones. Traditional, Ukrainian potato pancakes contain only potatoes. Of course, fillings are possible, but it depends on the hostess’s fantasy. The classic recipe does not contain a filling.