Is one of the traditional Ukrainian dishes. This kind of cabbage rolls, stuffed with minced rice and meat, stewed in tomato sauce. Thanks to this combination of products, cabbage rolls have an unusual taste.
Many Ukrainian cabbage rolls resemble Turkish dolma. However, there is a noticeable difference between the two dishes. It lies in the sheet in which the filling is wrapped: in dolma, instead of cabbage, grape leaves are used.
Traditional stuffing for cabbage is rice and minced meat (as a rule, a mixture of pork and beef mince is used). But also stuffed with mushrooms,
bacon, beans. Instead of rice, buckwheat, wheat, and other cereals are sometimes used. And if the filling can vary depending on the preferences of the hostess, then the cabbage remains the same component.
Ukrainian cabbage rolls are quite large, a portion is 2-3 pieces. This dish is very nutritious, so one serving will be enough to get enough.
Each housewife herself decides how to fill the dish, but still, the classic version is the stuffed cabbage rolls in tomato sauce, which are served
with sour cream.