20.12.2018 on the stage of the Kyiv Opera House an opera “Traviata” will be performed- Giuseppe Verdi's opera on the libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on the novel “The Lady with Camellias” by Alexander Dumas-son.
La Traviata. It was first introduced to the public on March 6, 1853, at the La Fenice Opera House in Venice and failed, however, reworked, soon became one of the most famous and most popular operas. The second edition was premiered on May 6, 1854.
Unusual for the opera production of the time were:
1) the choice of the main character - the courtesan dying from an incurable disease;
2) the opera’s action in contemporary Paris for listeners (the middle of the nineteenth century).
The original score of the opera is divided into three acts: the action takes place first in the Violetta cabin, the second in her country house and the palace of Flora Bervuo, the third in the last apartment of Violetta. On two acts, and in our days, “La Traviata” is usually
staged as an opera in four acts with three intermissions.